Totally cool cowgirl bridal shower ideas (42)
Totally cool cowgirl bridal shower ideas (42)

42 Totally Cool Cowgirl Bridal Shower Ideas

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You are getting married! Besides preparing your wedding day, many of you also want to have a bridal shower. Hosting a bridal shower is such an honor to do for the bride to be. If you are in the middle of searching the best theme for your bridal shower, try cowgirl theme!

Rustic or western themed bridal showers such as cowgirl theme have always been popular nowadays. First of all, decorate your tables with horseshoes, sunflowers, hydrangeas or even cowboy boots used as vases. For food and drink bars choose various cupcakes, cookies (you can tie them up with twine), punches, lemonades and Mason jar shortcakes and don’t forget about the country wedding song to set the mood. Check out these 42 totally cool cowgirl bridal shower ideas below to inspire you more.


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