42 Inspiring Modern Bob Hairstyles Ideas 2018

Inspiring modern bob hairstyles ideas 2018 42

There are so many hair styles emerge recently. But, there is one style never go out of fashion, it is bob style. Bob hair style is where your hair is shorter in the back and longer in the front. This asymmeyric hair style has many fans since the uniqueness and elegance. It also helps you to switch up your style without change too much.

There are two styles of bob, short and long hair style. The examples of bob style are short bob. It has shorter in the back and longer in the front. Victoria Beckham had ever had this kind of bob style. Then, wavy bob style. This bob style is very popular in Korean artists community. Though it seems like little bit messy, but it look more natural. Katie Holmes’ sleek shoulder length bob had ever been one of inspirative hair cuts. This hair style is suitable for those who have a high cheekbones. Moreover, a bob style can be textured and bouncy by adding some layers in the back. It helps those who are worried about hair volume. Curly bob style is interesting enough to try. Those who have curly hair can also apply this style to get their fresher look. For all kinds of bab hair style, we can play with color. For brave style we can color our hair with some eye-catching colors such as blue, purple, or even red. Keeping our natural hair color does not fail as well. A bob style can make us look more feminine, funky, and trendy since it timeless. If you are interested to have a new haircut, you can select one of the best style below. Have fun!



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