Delicious bridal shower appetizer ideas 36
Delicious bridal shower appetizer ideas 36

70 Delicious Bridal Shower Appetizer Ideas

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The existence of an appetizer aims to increase appetite. Therefore in a good appetizer contains several flavors such as sour, salty and sweet. For a good appetizer you need to serve a number of dishes that have interesting colors and delicious smells so that it encourages guests to immediately eat this appetizer. For an appetizer, you don’t need to serve too much which will make them full and don’t want to eat the main menu. Some kinds of appetizers that are usually served include fruit salad, canape, and jelly, some kinds of sweet cakes, pancakes, and pudding.

Then what if holding a bridal shower with all the menus is an appetizer dish? Why not, with attractive color colors from an appetizer you will find a cheerful bridal shower theme. Plus you don’t need to think about what dishes will be there. The appetizer menu is compatible with the bridal show menu which usually serves a number of sweet pastry and chocolate menus. Besides that, you can serve the appetizer menu in hot or cold. Choosing delicious dishes and fresh fruit you should pay close attention to. Cold appetizers served at 10-15 degrees Celsius for example: Canape is a small toast with various vegetables, meat and dressings, Mix Green salad a variety of vegetables mixed with dressings or fruit salads in addition to cheese and mayonnaise. The second is, a hot appetizer which means this appetizer is served while still hot, ranging from temperatures of 50-60 degrees Celsius, for example, Croquette, fritter, and muffins.



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