Adorable tropical themed winter wedding ideas (30)
Adorable tropical themed winter wedding ideas (30)

33 Adorable Tropical-Themed Winter Wedding Ideas

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During winter the days are short, the weather uncooperative, and most of us long for a few rays of sun to hit our faces. That is why, many couples who are getting married this winter choose tropical-themed winter wedding.  Your guests will feel like they’ve been whisked away to a well-deserved hideaway for one magic night. Keep reading to find out more about tropical-themed winter wedding.

The key to designing a tropical wedding in winter is the reception decor. A high-end dramatic touches such as lighting will play a big role in this theme. In short, the goal is to make an indoor space expand into that ‘great outdoors’ feel to your wedding venue. Here are 33 adorable tropical-themed winter wedding ideas below to inspire you.


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