Fabulous white red and silver wedding ideas (7)
Fabulous white red and silver wedding ideas (7)

33 Fabulous White Red And Silver Wedding Ideas

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When deciding a wedding theme, it won’t be only about the style or the season, you can even use the colors as your wedding theme. Since colors have their own characteristic, it is quite awesome to have it as your wedding theme because you can bring out the character that you want to build for your once in a lifetime moment, or, if you really wish it, you can correspond your wedding color scheme based on your own favorite colors that can represent your characteristic at once. In case you are confused on how to choose the right colors for your wedding scheme, we will give you the ideas on this page, then just stay with this article.

If you wish for the powerful, warm, and romantic colors combination for you wedding scheme, it would be red, white, and silver. As we all know that red brings the impression of strength, passion, and romantic at the same time. It is a great color to be used for the wedding celebration party. However, you need to combine it with the soft color like white to make it more calm since it would be the wedding event so that you need to make it warm and welcome for anyone who may come to your party. Then, after the bold and soft colors meet together into a good combination, you need to make it one step greater by giving the other color to make it look rich and luxurious as a wedding party, and silver could be the right color to represent that kind of impression. After you have known the benefit of using those three colors to be your wedding color scheme, then all you need to do is deciding on how to manage the colors to be a perfect combination for your wedding. To give you the best illustration of it, we have prepared some great pictures to be your inspiration. Please enjoy and hope you can get the ideas!

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