Cool outdoor vintage tea party ideas (27)
Cool outdoor vintage tea party ideas (27)

36 Cool Outdoor Vintage Tea Party Ideas

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The tradition of 19th century tea parties began in England, but has now spread throughout the world. Alice in Wonderland has had many fans for decades with its description of Mad Hatter’s eccentric tea party, and the description of a tea conversation with polite conversation or full of gossip appears throughout popular culture. Everyone, from children to the duchess, enjoys a tea party. Tea parties don’t have to be expensive or big to be memorable. Tea parties are generally smaller events than dinner parties. Even for casual tea parties, some hosts encourage guests to wear semi-formal or Victorian nuances to support the atmosphere, but usually receive guests dressed in anything. If you are planning a formal event and want to follow traditional dress etiquette, ask for semi-formal summer clothes. This usually means bright colored dresses and wide-brimmed hats for women, and trousers, buttoned shirts, and blazers or suits for men.
Attractive choice of desk equipment and decorations. If you have a nice tablecloth and tea set, use it. Three-level cake containers are traditional, but not mandatory. Small plates and teacups with flora patterns produce a nice atmosphere, but don’t feel that tea cups should be the same unless you entertain formal guests or business partners. Make sure you have a tea pot or a beautiful kettle that can hold enough hot water for guests.

Consider a flower vase as a decoration in the middle. Place a fork on the left side and a knife and spoon on the right side of each plate. Even if you don’t serve food, provide a small spoon to stir the sugar and milk added to the tea. Choose a theme that you like. Maybe you are imagining a traditional English tea party, with sandwiches and beautiful paper napkins. Or maybe guests want to dress like a princess, pretend to be a fairy, or decorate the room as if it were winter or under water. Knowing what your guests like will help you make tea parties more fun for them. Remember that some themes require more effort than others. If you are looking for a fast and simple theme, choose one color and decorate the room or table with flowers, objects, napkins, and food with that color around the house.



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