33 Handmade Rustic Purple And Gray Wedding Stuff Ideas

Handmade rustic purple and gray wedding ideas (25)

To have a wedding celebration may will need lot of money and you have to be ready to dry your savings. Anyway, you can still do something to keep your wedding budget not in a too much amount. You can create some stunning DIY decoration projects that are pretty enough that guests will never guess you made them yourself. Don’t be hopeless as you have thought about the difficulties to make the DIY because it won’t be that hard, you just need to simply use your imagination and creativity to produce your wedding decoration based on your taste and needs.

There are several items that you can make the DIY of it, the first one is for the wedding bouquet that will be a little bit tricky because it can be easy yet can be difficult if you can’t control your self while making it. Bouquet art need a calm heart, fresh mind, and happiness which are easy in fact, as long as you can kill your bad feelings. There is a big benefit for you if you can handle your own wedding bouquet that is the result that will really represent your feeling, personality, and taste. The other one is for the ornament, you can create some wreath with the materials that are correspond to your wedding theme. You can use foliages, flowers, grain, twig, and any other materials that you think will be appropriate for you wedding decoration. The wreath itself can be placed in any location that can bring out benefit to beautify the spot. It could be on the back side of the guests’ chair, on the table as the centrepiece decoration, along the aisle, and more. To give you some more references, we have compile the great ideas of the wedding DIY projects. Hope you can get the ideas and be inspired!

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