Trending doughnut wedding cake ideas (31)
Trending doughnut wedding cake ideas (31)

42 Trending Doughnut Wedding Cake Ideas

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Doughnut wedding cake may sounds really uncommon and impossible for you. However, instead of a traditional wedding cake, there is an idea that you may adore on a tall tray of deep fried deliciousness, that is doughnut! They will be a tasty treat that everyone loves them. Besides, doughnuts are considerably lower-cost compared with a traditional wedding cake. You can get externally creative on how you display them, matching for even the fanciest wedding themes. You can consider to order your doughnuts or just going to your local store to pick some up and make a little effort to design the display based on your taste and wedding theme.

For your consideration, you can make the doughnut with glazed of sugar doughnuts and chocolate on top of the doughnut structure on the teal glass cake stands with pink flowers placed randomly in between. For another color, mini purple doughnuts tower wedding cake is also pretty with the glaze of sprinkle to make it more colorful. You can make it in other colors if you want. For the doughnut cake tower, you can also arrange it in some differnt taste like 4 tiers of the original glazed doughnuts and 4 tires with assorted flavors, or with any other arrangement based on what you need.
Moreover, try to wrap bunting around each of the tiers, for that whimsical look, then start piling on the doughnuts, it will look more interesting and awesome. Anyway, from all of this, homemade doughnut wedding cake is so much budget friendly yet can looks amazing as well just like the common wedding cake that people usually use. To give you a clear illustration or the doughnut arrangement, here are some wonderful designs of it. Enjoy!

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