Stunning purple and turquoise wedding ideas (19)
Stunning purple and turquoise wedding ideas (19)

44 Stunning Purple And Turquoise Wedding Ideas

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Sometimes, bride and groom request something to make their wedding party unique yet interesting. One of the things they concern is about the wedding concept especially the dominant colors theme. The color that is applied for the decoration is important since it creates the first impression for guests or relatives who come.

If you are invited to a wedding party, you may be impressed with a stunning decoration in white. White is the most common dominant color that we found. It makes the feeling of sacral emerges naturally. But, why don’t bride and groom choose other eye-catching color as their dominant decoration colors? Purple, for example, is a meaningful color. It represents loyalty, strength, and empathy. As a deep color, it is combined with blue turquoise which tends to be cool and light. Turquoise means calmness, coolness, and peace. If these two colors are combined, they will make a wedding looks pretty elegant and glamour. They are often applied in some elements of wedding to give a certain impression, for examples for the wedding decoration, cake, favors, table clothes, candles, and so on. Moreover, for a bride who are very into¬†these two colors, she will make her wedding dress by applying these purple and turquoise. The wedding dress which has the same colors with the decoration adds the beauty of the whole wedding party.¬† For bridesmaids’ dresses, this idea to apply purple and turquoise is interesting. As some brides and grooms dream to have outdoor wedding party, beach can be one pf the best choices. The beautiful white sand will go perfectly with the blue sky and these two colors combination. The nuance of relaxed yet amazing can easily create here. Turquoise can be applied for the curtain or table clothes while purple for the ornaments like making full flowers sides. These are other examples of the classy combination f purple and turquoise in wedding party. Hope they give you some inspirations. Enjoy!


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