Great winter wedding cake ideas for you and your partner 03
Great winter wedding cake ideas for you and your partner 03

30 Great Winter Wedding Cake Ideas For You and Your Partner

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In an international wedding concept, the wedding cake is always to be a must. Sometimes, slicing the cake becomes the peak of the event. The ingredients of the cake, the flour, wheat, and grain of rice are the symbols of prosperity and appreciation to the brides.

In the past, it was believed that the higher and bigger the wedding cake, the happier the bride will be. The wedding cake also was simple and made from wheat. But now, time over time, the wedding cake becomes more beautiful, glamour, and made from many ingredients. The shapes and the ornaments of wedding cake in winter wedding are various. From the simpler but elegant to the more sophisticated and glamour are available to choose by the brides. Some state that the cakes symbolize the lucky and success of the brides. So, the cakes is often arranged higher to be like a tower which means the upstairs to reach success. Most of wedding cakes are white decorated with icing and other ornaments in the form of flowery, beautiful candles, and patterns. A white glamour wedding cake is suitable in winter since white is as a cool color represents the winter theme. The flavors and the design can be chosen as the bride’s desired. For the pattern, now, some wedding cake makers usually make it by printing directly on the fondant or even handmade. For those who like anti-mainstream, modifying the wedding cake by replacing the cake using the stack of donuts or cupcakes that are arranged into a certain tower shapes. Furthermore, brides usually match their wedding concept with the cake decoration. Once again, white wedding cake with icing and flowery ornaments will be a great idea to celebrate your winter wedding. Check these examples of wedding cakes below.


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