Wonderful floral wedding arches beach ideas for your inspirations 01
Wonderful floral wedding arches beach ideas for your inspirations 01

31 Wonderful Floral Wedding Arches Beach Ideas For Your Inspirations

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It is undeniable, an elegant wedding on the edge of the beach has always been a dream for all brides, especially the bride. They dreamed of a memorable wedding throughout his life. With any wedding decoration on the beach, it always attracts attention for women in the world. The beach side wedding always carries various styles such as dresses, concepts and decorations. The decoration of the wedding edge of the beach that is very popular is with a flower arch that looks like a Christmas decoration.

What flowers can be used to make a curved decoration in decorating your wedding? Of course all flowers can be made as wedding decorations. But it would be better if you choose different kinds of flowers with different petals and colors. A series of shades of green and white flowers suitable to be used as a modern wedding decoration in Bali. Not only for the wedding altar, a bouquet of flowers also adorns the guest chairs so they look beautiful. Balinese wedding decorations with an outdoor concept look beautiful with white flower arrangements on the altar or the place of the bride and groom. Flower petals sprinkled on the road to the altar, very simple but seem intimate and elegant. Elegant minimalist decoration with white color. To be more beautiful, the decor is equipped with small and lush flower arrangements around the aisle. A simple aisle with a flower arrangement in the back. The dominance of white with pink and green accents creates the impression of soft decoration. Wedding decorations with arches as below are indeed minimalist, but what is the meaning of a minimalist if with a minimalist style actually produces an intimate marriage and is very much a dream wedding throughout the journey of love.



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