Adorable outfit ideas to wear this summer 16
Adorable outfit ideas to wear this summer 16

45 Adorable Outfit Ideas To Wear This Summer

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Summer is identical to the holiday whether at school, semester breaks at the university or leave for employees. Many people spend their vacation time to enjoy the summer. Although it can burn the skin, this season is always awaited by many people. Holidays in the summer when the weather is sunny are everyone’s favorite. You must have prepared a summer vacation plan with your friends. And of course you also have to be prepared with a comfortable outfit to keep stylish and not too hot.

Because the weather in summer is sunny and hot, outfits that are suitable for this season are thin outfit that should be able to absorb sweat. The outfit that often used this season is the cropped top. In addition to vacation to the beach, this outfit can also be very good for you to take a walk in the city. Pair with high waist skirts or jeans so that not too many body parts are open. In summer, summer dress is a must-have outfit. This sleeveless dress gives the impression of being relaxed and feminine, especially if you add a floral motif that matches in summer. Tank top is one of the mandatory items for every woman. This outfit has many uses, starting from the inner of making your favorite shirt for summer vacation. This relaxed style is suitable to be combined with subordinate long and short jeans. When the weather starts to heat unbearably, the tank top is always present to provide a solution so it can still look trendy without overheating. Apparently, ethnic fashion is one of the trends that is coloring this summer, one of them is ethnic tribal motifs. If you want an ethnic and practical appearance in an instant, choose midi dress or long dress using tribal motifs. You only need to add a blazer if you like. With a tribal motif dress, you don’t need to use a lot of accessories. Look at the pictures below! There are some examples of summer outfits that can be your inspiration. Good luck!


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