41 Simple Step Makeup Tutorials for Brown Eyes

Simple step makeup tutorials brown eyes 30

Every woman surely wants to have a beautiful eyes. They might do everything to get what they want by doing make up or eyes treatments. But, not all types of make up is suitable for your eyes. Especially for those who have a brown eyeball, there are some smart tricks to have a gorgeous eyes make up.

Brown eyes look more natural and sharper. People in Asia and Africa are dominantly have brown eyeballs. Since eyes can be the characteristic of someone, some people are aware of the health and the beauty of their eyes. To get a good make up for brown eyeballs, first of all you might apply a prime for your area around your eyes. Then, apply a concealer under the eyes and among the crease of the eyes. Color correct can help you to cover the spots on your face, for example pink color to add the impression of dull skin. Don’t forget to prepare a brush and a beauty sponge. A concealer can be applied then to cover the problem on your face like spots or acne. After that, apply foundation and eyeshadow. The next step is tidy up your eyebrow.  In coloring your eyebrow, select the color that is same as your hair color, black or brown. If you got a.mistake in framing your eyebrow you can tidy it up with applying the concealer. This natural make up match with you in any occasion, both formal or casual. Another thing to consider is that a bright color will make your brown eyeballs seems to be larger. On the other hands, a darker color will make the eyes sharper. Thus, you may also apply an eyeliner with dark color such as black and a bright eyeshadow like purple, yellow, blue, pinkish, or light brown. Smokey eyes concept can be a good idea as well since it let us to play with eyeliner and darker eyeshadow. A liquid eyeliner tends to be more dramatic and ease you to make a frame for your eyes. Smokey eyes for brown eyeball may be combined with a light pink eyeshadow to reach natural effect. The last step is applying maskara whether it is brown or black as you desire. Both colors are suitable for any situation at day or night occasion. Here are some examples of brown eyeballs tutorial make up. Have fun!



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