Trendy leg tattoos ideas women 30
Trendy leg tattoos ideas women 30

40 Trendy Leg Tattoos Ideas Women

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Today, tattoos are not only identical to men. Indeed, when viewed from the history, tattooing the body has long been carried out by many primitive tribes in the world, both for men and women. But since the development of the era, tattooed women tend to be considered bad and unnatural. So only most men who have tattoo on their bodies. But now, there are many women who draw tattoos on some parts of their bodies. If the man with a tattoo will be considered more manly, so the woman who has a tattoo on her body, she will look sexier and awesome.

Tattoos are not a scary thing for someone. But the problem is tattoos are permanent. So, for those of you who want to make a tattoo, first you have to think confidently about what image or writing that you want to draw on your body. And secondly, you have to choose which body part that you will tattoo. One of the right choices is tattoos on the legs. You can make tattoos on the thighs down to the ankles. The upper thigh section tends to be easily protected from the sun. So if you want to have a more durable tattoo, this area can be a good option. Tattoos on the ankles, the sides of the feet, the soles of the feet, or the area around the heel will be more easily faded and need retouch because this part is often rubbed by shoes or socks, easily attacked by dirt and bacteria, and easily stretched. Therefore, you also have to maintain cleanliness so you avoid unwanted things. The point is to use enough sunscreen when you let your tattooed skin be exposed to direct sunlight. Below, we present some pictures about trendy leg tattoos for women. Hopefully it can be useful for you!

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