Simple messy short hair pretty girls ideas 38
Simple messy short hair pretty girls ideas 38

44 Simple Messy Short Hair Pretty Girls Ideas

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As a girl, you have to really care to the appearance from toe to head. One of the most important appearances for girl is hair which considered as the crown of girl. Hairstyle has the ability to change your appearance. Some people prefer to have long hair because it looks elegant and feminine, however there are people who prefer shorter hairstyles because it looks fresh. Although short-haired girls are often identified with the impression of a tomboyish, but in a fact people who have short hair can still look feminine and cute.

One of the hair styles that should be tried by girl is messy short hair. Messy hair is one of the favorite hairstyles. Unmistakable but unique impressions are one reason why this hairstyle is loved and included in one of the most imitated fashion inspirations. Messy hairstyle is indeed a favorite hairstyle for some girls who are practical and don’t linger over their hair. To get messy hair, you don’t need to spend a lot of time in styling your hair. Because you can get this style only with your fingers and you will be able to look cool with messy hair. Messy hair arrangement is styling with a little random or irregular style with the aim that the hair looks more energetic and casual but doesn’t leave the feminine side. For you who don’t like being too complicated in styling your hair, a messy hairstyle will be perfect for you. To make it more stylish, you can dye your hair in unusual colors like grey, brown, blonde, etc. Look at some examples of messy short hair that can be an inspiration for your hair style to make it look more stylish. Enjoy!

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