Cozy vintage wedding ideas 14
Cozy vintage wedding ideas 14

38 Cozy Vintage Wedding Ideas

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A wedding is a precious moment for everyone. It is one of the greatest moment of life. Everyone dreams a beautiful and unforgettable wedding. When wedding day gets closer, someone will think about many things like the bride dress, the place, the party, and the concept. The appropriate wedding concept or idea brings your wedding party in to warmth and perfection.

Some ideas such as international, casual, vintage, rustic, bohemian, and garden can be your chosen idea. A vintage idea concerns on the design which looks back to earlier eras based on specific style elements, usually those that were made popular during the late 19th and 20th centuries. If it is applied in a wedding party, there are some designs to apply which use some unique and old elements. For example, a vintage main gate. It can be made simply from a used doors and it can be decorated with some flowers and curtain. A vintage wedding is better to be held outdoor. To make a food spot we can put some wooden table. A round wooden table look more suitable to complete this concept. If the wedding party is held in the afternoon to-night. The using of candles and twinkle lights is a good idea to make the vintage wedding more romantic. Moreover, the ornaments like flowers in vase or centerpiece will beautify the decoration of a vintage wedding. For showing up some pre-wedding photos, a stand ladder can be the smart option. Decorate it with some flowers and candles in chandelier will give vintage touch. There are other designs of vintage wedding you can have for your references. Make your wedding unique and  different with other’s by applying a gorgeous concept of vintage.


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