Amazing french manicure nail art designs ideas 47
Amazing french manicure nail art designs ideas 47

53 Amazing French Manicure Nail Art Designs Ideas

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French manicure is a classic manicure style designed to make your nails look simple and elegant. The colors used for french manicure are soft colors like pink, beige, or clear. This is nothing but so that your nails look natural. Although it looks simple, it turns out that to apply french manicure requires high concentration and accuracy. Stencils are used to make clear boundaries between the natural part of the nail and the part that will be brushed with white polish. In addition to the clear colors that are usually used for natural parts of the nail, you can also choose nail polish with other natural colors such as pink. French manicure can indeed be used in a variety of nail sizes, but the results will be better if the tip of the nail where the white nail is applied, made thin.
It looks simple but chic and elegant, so it is relied on by many women in various parts of the world. A distinctive feature of French manicure is having a white tip on the nail. Not only that, French Manicure is suitable for any clothing style and for any occasion. Feminine and chic French manicure immediately appeared quirky with random spreads of colorful free-hand paintings of watermelon, grapefruit, and 80 s-style motifs. Additional beautiful details in the form of a nail sticker in the form of flowers or leaves on top of a classic French manicure. Add playful details by painting tiny characters with Kro Vargas ‘Back To School’ theme: yellow bus, pencil, tiny blackboard — so cute. Cassandre uses a mint color for the tip that is combined with an ombre-style contrasting color at the top. Can and cool too, really, if you want to try it with other colors but with a similar technique. Apply two colors of nail polish to the makeup sponge, then apply to the classic French manicure by pressing the sponge slowly to make an ombre style.



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