Edgy long blonde urban chic girls hairstyle ideas 46
Edgy long blonde urban chic girls hairstyle ideas 46

56 Edgy Long Blonde Urban Chic Girls Hairstyle Ideas

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Lately there have been many women who apply blonde hairstyles. So that the hair color that was originally dark, now becomes cool with a light brown color variant. If you want to look like a rock star singer rather than a beach kid, then this blond-rather-platinum color is the best choice for you. “The color of the roots will be left the same as actually changing to accentuate your eyes and make their appearance more assertive. Except, this color also works for those of you who have brighter eye colors. If you want colors that don’t require much care, the gold-and-honey color is suitable for you who like a more natural appearance. The note in this hair mode is that you really have to be able to separate the real hair from the hair you will color. Having a bright color makes your hair’s texture look lighter and won’t look too bright. Use the Foilyage technique to give a more natural color as if – you will be kissed by the sun and give a smoother impression. ”

Rose gold and crisp cream colors are combined together to make this color look very smooth. Many people say this color “is not too hard, and it also beautifies our skin. Light ash blonde, as the name suggests, this haircut has a slight touch of gray. Blonde hair color with this variant is ideal in white skin. Strawberry blonde, if you have a warm skin base color? This hair color is perfect for you. As the name suggests, this color is a blonde color that has a slightly reddish orange color. You can also get this hair color by combining two colors using the balayage technique. Platinum blonde, this color is the brightest blonde hair, even almost silver or white.



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