Easy nail art ideas you will love 35
Easy nail art ideas you will love 35

52 Easy Nail Art Ideas You Will Love

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For woman, you not only have to care about the outfit that you wear, but also have to care with your appearance from the toe to the head. Why? Because the appearance is the most important things of someone. Besides using a good and fashionable outfit, you also have to pay attention to the appearance of your sweet fingernails. It is a small part of the body, but you also have to really care for it. For this reason, there are many services of nail care and nail art. But if you don’t want to spend money on it, you can do by yourself to make your own nail art according to what do you want.

There are 4 types of nail art that are liked by women like you, namely gel nail art, glitter nail art, gradation nail art and patterned nail art. The first is using gel nail art, this is a type of nail art that has advantages in long-lasting colors and isn’t easily scratched. The color is more shiny and shiny when applied to the nails, but the process takes a long time. The second is glitter Nail art, it can make your fingers more glamorous because of the glitter effect. This nail art is more durable than ordinary nail art and isn’t easily erased. The third is gradation nail art that combines several colors, it can be two to three colors at a time. Nail color can be requested as desired. To get a long-lasting look, use nail polish with a gel base. And the last is nail art motif, this type of this nail art is more funny and varied and is usually favored by teenagers and children. This nail art has a variety of motifs such as tribal, cartoon to vintage. The way to apply it is quite complicated because it uses motif so that the process is more detailed. Below are some nail art designs that can be your inspiration. Hopefully useful for you.

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