Classy and casual women leather jacket outfits ideas 46
Classy and casual women leather jacket outfits ideas 46

51 Classy And Casual Women Leather Jacket Outfits Ideas

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A jacket has important functions both to warm and protect our body, but now it becomes a fashionable outfit that fits to casual occassion. Nowadays, a leather jacket becomes the trend fashion for men and women. In the past, men did not want to wear a black jacket since it closed to crime and lower level community. A leather jacket usually worn by criminals or thives in 1930s. But, now this concept has changed 180 degree.  A leather jacket becomes more elegant and classy outfit.

The development of fashion brings leather jackets into one of the top casual outfits. The durable characteristic of a leather jacket is the reason why this kind of jacket has many fans. At the first time it appeared, the color of a leather jacket was only black, but today there are some other colors like light brown, brown, navy, green army, and red. The impression of badboys that attached on a black leather jacket now has changed into a catwalk outfit that is glamour, classy, and sexy one. Some designers try to design a leather jacket which is more elegant to wear by both men and women. For example, there is a woman leather jacket combined with fur to cover neck and gives warmer cut if it is wearing in winter. In some casual occassion, a leather jacket is usually mixed with jeans and boots. This idea tends to be brave and sexy for women, while it will be masculine and stylish for men. Although a leather jacket is simple but it has a glamour impression since it is made from a good quality of leather which is quite expensive. So, are you keen on wearing a leather jacket then? Just check these pictures below and we guarantee you will fall in love with a leather jacket.



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