Simple and unique mermaid wedding dress ideas 53
Simple and unique mermaid wedding dress ideas 53

53 Simple And Unique Mermaid Wedding Dress Ideas

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There are so many types or modes of wedding dresses that can be an inspiration and maybe you want to wear on your wedding day. But not all types of wedding dresses match your body shape. For example, mermaid wedding dress. This dress does have a beautiful and unique design when used. But, this dress will look beautiful if you wear it that has the shape of an hourglass shape or rectangle body. The point is for an hourglass shape body, then your waist shape is narrower than the shoulder and hips that have the same width. While your rectangle shape doesn’t have many curves and the width of the shoulder to hip is the same. If it’s easier, rectangle shape means your body is tall and thin.

Next is the type of trumpet dress. Trumpet Dress as its name means this dress looks like a trumpet. This dress is similar to Mermaid Dress, only the difference in long curves is also wider, like a trumpet and a boss who generally has a rope. Only the shape of the rectangle shape and hourglass shape will match the wedding dress in the form of a trumpet dress. In addition to Mermaid dress dress and trumpet which is only suitable for those of you who have the ideal body shape, now there is a dress model that fits all body shapes. A- Line dress. This is a type of wedding dress that matches various body shapes, the A-Line Dress is its name. The shape of the dress that is elongated and like line A from the waist then widens to the bottom. Suitable body shapes are hourglass shape, petite, apple shape / oval shape, pear shape, and full figure. Petite means that your body is small and tiny and does not have body curves. Apple shape or oval shape which is the shape of a body that has the widest waist compared to your shoulders and hips. Pear Shape is a body that has the widest hip compared to shoulder width and waist.



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