Charming long curly hairstyle inspirations ideas 20
Charming long curly hairstyle inspirations ideas 20

43 Charming Long Curly Hairstyle Inspirations Ideas

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In addition to straight hairstyles on long hair, curly hairstyles are also a favorite of many people. From young to old, this style can always give an impression of elegance to every woman. Looking at the curves of her hair, long curly hair can be divided into two, namely loose curls and intense curls. Before choosing a hairstyle, make sure you adjust it to the conditions and type of each hair. If not, there needs to be some adjustments to make the shape ideal, for example by adding layers. One of the mainstay hairstyles included in this category is beach waves. You can get this style easily using the curling wand. The next style of choice can be tried on straight hair. This style is typical, because as the name implies, some hair still looks straight and partly curly. Usually the curves of hair in this style are in the shape of an S.

You must be familiar with the technique of heat less curls. This technique is healthier because it does not force the hair to be exposed to hot temperatures from styling tools something you might have done too often during this time. The long curly hairstyle produced without this heat can vary depending on the device you are using. Some techniques that you can try for example by overnight braiding or heat less curls using cloth pieces like we did. To get a more intense curve, curly hair little by little. Expand the hair to get a more subtle curl. What makes this long curly hairstyle a favorite is that you can try it on straight, thin hair, even if your hair is expanding. The next curly style is volume curls. This volume curling style is suitable for both natural and straight curly hair, especially thin and flat cut ones. To arrange it, roll the hair in a large enough section using medium or large hair rollers or curling wands. This trick will increase the volume and make the hair look less flat, especially on the roots of the hair. In straight hair, vise the upper hair so that the final appearance varies. Hair that is often exposed to hot temperatures can make hair dry. For that you need to pay attention to treatments that can moisturize your hair and maintain healthy hair.



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