Fascinating smokey eye makeup ideas 19
Fascinating smokey eye makeup ideas 19

53 Fascinating Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas

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Women is close to make up. They crazily love to do make up since it adds attractiveness of the whole face. Surely make up can bring women more beautiful and adorable. There are some smart tricks in doing make up. In this discussion we will specify our description on smokey eye make up ideas.

Smokey eye make up gives your eye the impression of deeper and darker. It emphasizes on a dark color of eyes make up. The result of this idea is very dramatic and graceful as it creates frames to your eyes well. First of all, you can apply a kohl eyeliner to darken your eye. It shapes your eyes perfectly. Then, apply dark eyeshadow. Black eyeshadow is a must but you can also apply other colors like blue, silver, grey, or red. To make the impression of bigger eye, use eyeliner to get a perfect eyes frame. The frame makes your eyes seem sharper. Liquid, cream, or pencil are the kinds of eyeliner you can choose. But, a liquid and cream eyeliner will result smoother than a pencil. The last, apply a concealer to make a base make up. Apply it to the desired area so that your make up becomes more shiny and awesome. Prepare a smooth brush to erase the mistake and clean the eyeshadow powder that falls on your eyes area. A thing to remember in making smoking eye make up is that avoid selecting too dark color because it will make you make up looks bad. Just apply appropriate colors combination so that it creates your greater confidence. The idea of smokey eye can be separated from the existance of eyebrow make up. In supporting your smokey eye make up, your eyebrow must be shaped well since smokey eyes make up needs a thick eyebrow to reach a perfection. Well, this smokey eye make up is suitable for any occassion like attending a night party, hanging out with friends, dating with your lover, and so on. So, which smokey eye ideas do you want to try?


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