Modern gentlemen style inspiration 39
Modern gentlemen style inspiration 39

50 Modern Gentlemen Style Inspiration

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Fashion is not only women’s. It is men’s too. Men want to be fashionable as well since they usually go to office, in a formal situation, or lead a meeting. A fashionable and neat men will attract every woman who sees. It is rasionable that women will admire men who are good looking. Men’s willingness of spending more money to be more fashionable is usually greater than women.

In some formal occassion, men usually wear a set of coat and trousers completed with a tie. Men tends to be masculine. They usually choose a light color like, grey, maroon, navy, white, etc. There are two models of coat, a classic coat with two or three buttons, and a modern coat that has more than three buttons. A modern coat is believed can make the one who wears it looks younger and more stylish. A tie is a must. It can be a common tie or a bow tie. Furthermore, trousers is also the must have items of your effort to look masculine. Selecting the appropriate material for the trousers influences the convenience when you are wearing it. Wool, silk, and satin are the best material to select. They helps you to move freely and tend to be durable. If you do not like wearing such a formal coat set, you may wear a shirt and trousers. As long as you look tidy and confident, every one who look at you will be amazed. To inspire you in dressing a modern gentlemen idea, here are some pictures to be your inspiration.


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