Top looks outfit ideas with blazer you have to try 07
Top looks outfit ideas with blazer you have to try 07

50 Top Looks Outfit Ideas With Blazer You Have To Try

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Does the word ‘blazer’sounds familiar to you? Yes, blazer is very well known these days. This is a versatile cloth that has some different designs where we can dividing the utility of the blazer based on its design which is can be used as a fashionable jacket on a casual event or even as a suit to complete your office look. Basically the use of blazer is very flexible based on our needs and how skilled you are to do the mix and match with the inner and bottom clothes. There are some considerations that need to be concerned to decide the use of your blazer on a proper way.

In an outline, the use of blazer can be seen on its buttons. Single-brested blazer with a single button on the center of the blazer commonly used for casual purpose and in an informal occasion. This single button is suitable for the women who have fat body so that it can be a camouflage to minimize the fat look. The other single-brested blazer is a blazer that has two button vertically, this blazer can be fit for both the fat or slim body and can be used in a semi formal occasion. Next is three vertically buttons, this blazer is dedicated for the formal bussiness, complete your office outfit, or any important meeting. Moreover, there is a double-brested blazer that has double buttons horisontally which is suitable for those who have slim body so that their body can be exposed in a better way. Now, you have known the provision in picking the right blazer based on your occasion, it’s time for you to look at some blazer model pictures to be your inspiration. Have fun!

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