Fabulous summer nail colors ideas to try 29
Fabulous summer nail colors ideas to try 29

43 Fabulous Summer Nail Colors Ideas To Try

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Unlike the winter nail art themes that tend to be soft. Summer nail art is very different from the color and design of art in nails. Summer is identical with bright and cheerful, so you also have to wear a minimum of nail art in bright clothes so you look cheerful. In addition to color you can also get beautiful nails with fresh nail art inspired by the fruit and the cool sea atmosphere. When you want the theme of nail art in the summer, no more shine is needed here. Because the color of summer nail polish is bright and has gradations. Every year fashion nail polish colors always have a trend and a new look. to decorate the colors of summer nails, you can choose the colors as basic colors. Just how you add creative ideas above that basic color. You can add various summer characters there. Some themes that you can stretch as summer styles like fruit, cactus plants, or leaves. Nails with motifs of leaves or flowers will look beautiful and well-established. Different from fruit motifs that will give you a funny impression. This style is much favored by young women who are still in their teens.

While the themes of flowers and leaves, which are a favorite for adult women, are modes of gradation or combination nail color. Combined nails will make you look trendy and slang. If you are a lover of tropical touch, lemon yellow color maybe you can try, just add a sweet touch with some pictures of fruit or flower motif inside. Or you can give a color interlude like white with pictures of flowers in each white color. So the tone is not too difficult to determine the motive for the yellow color of your nails. Summertime Blues, for those of you who want to bring a sunny atmosphere to the sea or sky, summertime blues can be an inspiration. Apply blue nail polish as a base. After that add the white line details or if it’s metallic.



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