Smart office outfits ideas with blazer 45
Smart office outfits ideas with blazer 45

46 Smart Office Outfits Ideas With Blazer

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Sometimes we may feel bored with a monotonous appearance and that’s it when going to the office. Always want to look fresh, fashionable, but do not abandon an elegant and formal professional impression. Then how can we look like that, let’s look at some fashion work clothes with a blazer that gives the impression of elegance but still formal. Blazers can give the appearance of an elegant and more formal appearance. In addition, the blazer can also cover the curves of the body, especially the waist and look more polite. You can combine a blazer with a maxi dress, long skirt, or trousers. And don’t forget to adjust the color of the blazer with the hijab you wear. Don’t stick with a plain blazer and basic pants with soft colors. You can wear a blazer suit with patterned pants. Don’t we have to look fashionable and formal. Many offices begin to pay attention to the appearance of their current employees, so you have to be a panda in wearing work clothes.

You can mix patterned dress with a matching color blazer. There are various kinds of blazers that you can wear when going to the office. For those of you who have a proportional body shape you can choose a button model blazer. People whose bodies are proportional when using button blazers will seem to have a waist and look elegant. Waist length blazer
This blazer model is no less popular among office employees because it has the right size at the waist. So that people who use this blazer seem more simple but fashionable. Even some people think this model is suitable for various situations without regard to the color element. That is, what color is suitable for both official and non-official situations. Hip length blazer, different from this blazer model which is more recommended for women who have a body shape there is no curve. Because this model has a long size up to the bottom of the waist. Well, this is what makes your waist less visible and if you have big hips covered by this blazer.



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