Pretty street style casual outfit ideas 45
Pretty street style casual outfit ideas 45

49 Pretty Casual Street Style Outfit Ideas

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Staying true to yourself on your outfit fashion is important since it is something that you will wear through the day so that you need to wear an outfit that really fit you from the style to the comfortable aspect. Commonly, using a timeless style is possible to personalize and create your own style as you won’t need to look for the newest fashion style that will change over and over as often as the weather. The interest thing about creating your own style is that on how you can express your own imagination and do some mix and match to any pieces that you have on your closet while combining with the perfect accessories that will finish your look and bring it all together.

If you are kind of cool person who love something easy and simple, casual street style will fit you properly. The easiest way to build up a casual street style look is by wearing ripped jeans on skinny or even baggy cut. If you don’t have ripped jeans, you can still wear any trousers that you have, just remember don’t wear something on pink, yellow, or any other lollipop colors, and prefer to wear black or white colors. Fot the top, you can wear simple neutral colors on t- shirt or shirt. Wearing somehing with pattern is not a prohibition as long as you know the limitation on it, and don’t wear a top that has crowded pattern. For the outer, you can wear the matching cardigan based on the color, the design, and the thickness, compared with your outfit. Though this is a casual street style, but this style still allow you to wear high heels, moreover, if you have boots or sneakers, it will be so much better as it will make the style looks perfect. The images below are dedicated for you in order to give you information and inspiration for your better outfit.

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