Elegant celebrity cocktail dresses ideas 42
Elegant celebrity cocktail dresses ideas 42

44 Elegant Celebrity Cocktail Dresses Ideas

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A cocktail dress is a dress used in a semi formal occassion or party in the late afternoon. It is usually completed with accessories. Most of cocktail dresses are above the ankle. If there are some which touch the ankle, they will be called as ballerina length dress. A ballerina length dress is very elegant and has luxury impression. It is usually worn at night. On the other hands, a cocktail dress is often used in a semo formal ocassion. Since its length is not as long as a ballerina length dress, it makes possible for you to dance in the party you are coming to. That’s why a cocktail dress is commonly called as a dancing dress.

A cocktail dress is elegant like what any celebrity wear at a party or red carpet event. It allows women’s body looks gorgeous and perfect. Its model are various like using lace, with thigh-high slit, long sleeves, body-con, a fitted cocktail and so on. The examples of material to make an adorable cocktail are velvet.  Velvet is commonly chosen because it is durable and very soft to touch. The softness makes you feel so sexy and elegant. The next material is chiffon. It gives a beautiful drape and has transparent characteristic. Besides velvet and chiffon, crepe is the material used the most for making a cocktail dress for red carpet. It is flexible with a 2-way stretch. The last is silk. It is ultra light so it floats like a feather. Silk tends to be expensive, so the elegance will totally emerged when you are wearing a silk cocktail dress. With or without motif, a cocktail dress is both marvelous and beautiful. A plain or colorful cocktail dress is suitable for night party. You can mix a cocktail dress with high heels to create more elegant impression. For additional accessories, you may wear a necklace or earings to make you glamorous.


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