Simple cute nail design ideas for beginners 39
Simple cute nail design ideas for beginners 39

45 Simple Cute Nail art Ideas For Beginners

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The perfect appearance from head to toe is a mandatory. Therefore, nails should not be left untreated. So, to make your nails look more beautiful, there’s no harm in coloring or decorating them with various beautiful and adorable nail art. The Nail art goals to beautify the appearance of the hand, by giving pictures, paintings, or other decorations on the nails. Now, you don’t have to pay highly at the salon because nail art can be done alone in your home with simple motifs that are easy to make. Nail art equipment is also available on the market with various prices. So, you don’t need to worry because you can try it right now.

Of course that you will feel bored if you only use one color on your beautiful nails. So don’t let your nails look boring. For beginners, the first thing that you should know is the equipment used for nail art such as nail polish, base coat, nail dotting tool, tape, brush detail pen, nail sticker, and tape coat. After that, specify the theme or motif that you will decorate on your nails. As a beginner, choose an uncomplicated motif. Let your hands get used to using nail polish, after that you can increase the complexity that you want to polish on your nails. The Nail art that very simple and easy to do is to give glitter to your nails, first you only need to paint your nails with clear colors, and then you can paint one of your nails by adding shades of glitter. For example, on ring finger nails. It will not look so boring. If you are getting used to painting your nails, try decorating your nails with the motif that is happening now. For example, if Christmas has arrived, you can decorate your nails with a Christmas tree or Santa Claus motif. That will make your appearance more fashionable and increase your confidence. For your references, there are some pictures about Nail art design. Let’s try it now and enjoy.

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