Cheap & Romantic Wedding Decoration Ideas

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If you have an adequate budget, there are many ways you can do to create a romantic wedding. But don’t worry even though it’s low budget, you can still make it happen.

  1. Make a pattern like rug use roses


You can apply this idea when the concept of marriage that you choose is outdoor or garden party. So, you can make a pattern like a rug using roses that will add a romantic atmosphere.

  1. Lighting use candles


Place a few candle boxes in each corner of the room, let the lighting look natural, and the romantic wedding party of your dreams is successful.

  1. Let creative guests provide romantic dating ideas for you and your partner


Guests can also contribute to the idea of ​​a romantic date later on honeymoon, you know girls. Give them the freedom to write ideas with ice cream handles.

  1. Prepare photo-booth property with heart pattern


You can prepare a photo-booth property with girls’ heart patterns. You can also make it yourself using a wire wrapped around using colorful ribbons. This Photo-booth will be a unique and interesting icon in your party. So cool guys!

  1. Heart-patterned dress


Bridesmaid can use this patterned dress to complete all the heart ornaments that you have prepared in the venue. So sweet right!

  1. When the contract, the guest chairs can be made circular so focus on the sacred ceremony


A sacred, romantic and intimate atmosphere will be felt when the guests’ chairs are made circular. The distance that was made was not too far away so all guests could solemnly listen to the sentence of the contract.

  1. Hang the rose upside down as room decoration


The unique decoration of this one will immediately attract attention. Hanging a red rose upside down as this room decor will make your romantic wedding more charming.

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