Best Wedding Outfit Inspirations for Men

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Marriage is one of the most precious moments. It’s not just the bride’s wedding gown that is the focus, you men also have to pay attention to her appearance throughout the party. If you plan to carry out a wedding with a national or international theme, this stylish groom’s attire can be an option to wear on that happy day.

  1. Bright white coat and fedora hat



White can indeed give the most sacred impression at special moments. Don’t forget to use a vest to make it look neater. If you want to look more relaxed, you can use a Fedora model hat of the same color.

  1. Use suspenders


Without having to wear a suit, you can wear a formal shirt with additional suspenders as additional accessories. To make it look more official, wear a small bow tie of the same color. Don’t forget to choose official shoes such as balmoral toe cap type.

  1. Use a shirt, vest and tie


You can wear a soft-colored shirt suit. Then use a long tie of the same color. You can also add a plain vest as an outfit. And don’t forget to insert small flowers in your chest pocket, for example lilies or daisies.

  1. Use an official tailcoat


You as a groom can wear a European-style suit in Victorian times, a beautiful tailcoat. In order not to look like a magician, choose a color other than black. Then add a long tie and vest inside.

  1. Wear a black suit with a bow tie


Getting married is an important moment that is expected to occur once a well is alive. If you want to look handsome, a black coat, don’t forget to add a bow tie on the neck. To be more stylish, choose a suit with one button and give a small flower in your chest pocket.

  1. Use a tweed patterned suit


Wedding suits do not have to be plain colored, you can also choose patterned ones. This suit is more suitable to be paired with a vest and long tie. Without the need for additional accessories, you look more charming when walking together with the bride wearing a beautiful dress.

  1. Use a simple suit


You can also use dark jeans, polo shirts, vests and suspenders. In addition, wear additional accessories, flat-cap hat models.

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