Simple Flower Bouquet Inspirations for Your Wedding

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Flowers are one of the important things when doing wedding decorations. Start to beautify decorations on tables, walls, and bouquets of flowers for happy brides. If you carry modern customs that don’t miss a flower throwing session, you need to prepare decorations for a flower bouquet.

  1. A collection of small daisy flowers tied in your hand


To carry a simple flower decoration, a small size daisy that is familiar with its white color, is a great choice. In addition, the stems are not too big, it will be suitable to hold in one hand. So simple right!

  1. A flower of baby’s breath that will symbolize purity, sincerity, and true love


Baby’s breath is a small flower with a fairly lush flower. The symbol that this flower has is deep, which symbolizes sincerity, purity, and true love. So cute!

  1. The combination of peony flowers and roses you can make a mainstay


If you want flowers with soft colors, you can make a blend of peony flowers and roses. The colors orange, pink and white represent the simple and calm impression you want, right. It’s so sweet right!

  1. White roses will never be wrong. Genuine love will be represented and tightly tied to the brown rope


Rose is a flower that can represent a person’s heart. White, simple and sincere love is implied. In your hand and heart, the implied sincere feelings you can put in a bouquet of flowers at your wedding later. So romantic!

  1. Soft white and pink are the right alternatives to represent your simplicity


White will always be right to mix and match with all colors. And the soft pink never goes wrong. So simple and cool!

  1. Bright color patterns like red and orange will make the impression that your happy event is more special


You can also try yellow, red or peony in orange. So memorable!

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