Wedding Dress Inspirations for Female Body Shapes

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All women want to look the most beautiful on their special day. In addition to finding a life partner or prince charming, a beautiful wedding dress is also an important element that is always dreamed of. The most important thing is to choose a dress model that suits your body shape. For those of you who are still confused about choosing a wedding dress, calm down! Viscawedding has summarized several models of bridal gowns according to body shape.

  1. Sleeveless Wedding Dress Model


This piece of sleeveless wedding dress is suitable for tall, confident women with their shoulders. Choose simple colors like white, beige or pastel so you look brighter on that happy and special day.

  1. Sabrina / Off-Shoulder Model Wedding Gown


For those of you who are not too tall, the choice of a sabrina / off-shoulder model that covers the toe can be the right choice. You can use high heels to compensate for your partner’s height. It’s so sexy!

  1. Long Sleeve Wedding Dress Model


For those of you who have a short body shape and tend to contain, you can choose a long-sleeved dress model. Your body will look more proportional. Don’t forget, choose simple and elegant colors so that they don’t look too flashy. So beautiful dress!

  1. Wedding Dress / Ruffles Skirt Model


If you’ve ever watched Cinderella, you know this dress model! You can also choose Wedding dresses with fluffy skirts or Ruffles. You can choose between two types of ruffles dresses. So great guys!

  1. Traditional Wedding Dresses


Do you want to be fashionable with a touch of traditional culture? Traditional Wedding Dress is the answer! Well, there are two types of Traditional Wedding Dress, the first is without motives and with motives. For those of you who are hooded, a Traditional Wedding Dress without a motif with white choices is the right choice. It’s so cute yeah!

  1. Brocade Model Wedding Dresses


This type of wedding dress is suitable for use in various body shapes. You can also choose brocade with simple colors, like brown, light green, or cream. Remember, every woman has a different body shape and compatibility with different types of dresses. So cool!

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