Party Shoes Tips to Looks Taller Without High Heels

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A tall and slim body is the dream of all women. Wearing high heels is one of the easiest ways to increase height. But many women sometimes have to endure pain when wearing high heels for hours. Here are some secret tips to appear high without having to wear high heels when going to a party

  1. Pants or high waist skirts can give the illusion of a slim waist


The first way to look taller without high heels is to wear a skirt or pants with a waist line that is above the waist, or more often we know high waist. Pants and high waist skirts will give the effect of a waist that looks longer and slimmer than it really is.

  1. Oversized clothes, BIG NO NO!


For those of you who have a short body, it is not recommended to wear oversized clothes and pants. Because clothes and pants that are too large will only make you “sink” and look even shorter. To look taller and slimmer, choose clothes and pants that are slim fit.

  1. Mini-sized bag, a good idea to enhance your body


In addition to functioning to carry items and complementary fashion, it turns out the bag can also affect your height. Avoid large bags as well as large straps! A big bag will only make you look shorter. The solution is to choose a bag with a long strap that is not too big in size.

  1. Make your feet look more level with a skirt that falls above the knee


The next easy tip that can make you look taller without high heels is to wear a skirt that falls just above the knee. With a skirt above the knee, you no longer need to wear high heels to look taller.

  1. Short haircut, will make you more slim and fresh


Haircut can also affect your height. Short haircuts will add to the neckline and make the illusion of a taller body. Conversely, long hair will only drown your body and look more disproportionate.

  1. Replace high heels with more friendly heels


Last but not least, replace high heels with more torturous heels like wedges and platforms. Both types of shoes have thick soles that will support your weight. To attend formal events such as parties, wedges with beautiful motifs such as patterned wedges can complement your appearance.

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