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Unique and Cheap Wedding Souvenir Inspirations

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When preparing for a wedding, souvenirs are items that must not be left behind. Souvenirs are souvenirs as well as forms of gratitude from the bride and groom for the guests present. Wedding favors are now very unique and diverse

Souvenirs are things that must be prepared before the wedding. Viscawedding has some unique and inexpensive souvenir recommendations, but they look luxurious.

  1. Key Chain


Key chains may look small. However, this thing must be used by everyone. The benefits of a key chain are huge, which is to keep the key from being easily lost. You can choose a unique and different hanger design. For example Soccer Shirt Key Chain and Guitar Key Chain

  1. Pouch


An attractive design pouch can certainly be used every day to store coins, accessories, and other small objects. The price is also guaranteed cheap without looking cheap.

Unique pouch many sold at stores online. The design is very cute and unique, and you can add names or initials when ordering.

  1. Batik Motif Paper Fans


Choose a souvenir must be adjusted to the budget you have. If you are good at choosing souvenirs, you can get cheap and good souvenirs. Examples such as Jumbo Batik Fan Souvenir With beautiful motifs and colors.

  1. Glass Mat


A glass mat can be a cheap and unique souvenir choice on your wedding day. To make it look different, choose unique motifs and decorations such as adding ribbon or flower accents to your name and wedding date engraving.

  1. Wooden Perpetual Calendar


A perpetual calendar is another cheap but memorable wedding gift idea. Dates on the calendar are made of flat or block wood with numbers engraved on each surface. You can buy this product at stores online.

  1. Magnet Pin


Magnetic pins or better known as refrigerator patches are usually sold wholesale at low prices. By giving a touch of your own design, a magnetic pin can be used as a memorable wedding gift.

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