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Wedding Hairstyle Ideas For Your Special Wedding

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Make the concept of marriage is not easy. To prepare for a party on a happy day, the concept is usually used according to the wishes of the bride and groom. The bride is usually more dominant about the concept even down to the details.

Almost everything in preparation depends on the concept. Starting from the decoration, the aisle, makeup, to the hair style. Face and head makeup is fatal for some women. Because, makeup that is not in accordance with the wishes can make the bride not confident all day.

The following are some inspirations for wedding hairstyle that you can use on your wedding day.

  1. Up-do to Braid


This one style wedding hairstyle makes the head volume. You can also add flower accents like in the picture to enhance your hair makeup.

  1. Fancy French Twist



Fancy French Twist is a pretty unique wedding hairstyle. If the bride usually appears with neat hair makeup, this bridal hairstyle is arguably quite messy. The addition of accents on one side can make the appearance sweeter. So cool right!

  1. Ivory Tulle Face Wedding Veil



This wedding hairstyle is quite classic with tulle sheets that adorn her face. So classic right!

  1. Wedding hairstyle with veils



In addition to using long-flowing veils, your up-do hairstyle is also collaborated with a small crown. This appearance will make you look like a queen a day. You can also let your long hair down with a long, loose veil. If you are a lover of bangs, you can still use your favorite bangs on wedding day.

  1. Up-do Wedding Hairstyle



Looks simple, up-do wedding hairstyle this one does not make you lose beautiful to other brides. Although without decoration or accessories, the touch of the up-do arranged in such a way will make it look elegant. It’s so elegant guys!

  1. Rustic Wedding Hairstyle



Your wedding is rustic and your hair is short? Try using a flower crown. Additional messy accents on the hair also add a simple impression to your hair. So simple right!

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