Amazing Simple Wedding Decorations Ideas at Home

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One dream of every couple is to have a special and special wedding. To get a special wedding, you must prepare the wedding decorations properly. The following are some inspiring wedding decorations at home.

  1. The board is filled with various kinds of wide leaves, one of which is Monstera leaf


You only need to look for high-sized wooden boards. Then stick the large leaves at various distances to make it look attractive. After that, place a large flower pot beside the board, to add a beautiful impression on your wedding stage.

  1. Iron Nets for Wedding Decoration


The next ideas is You can use the iron nets. Make a stand on either side of the iron so that you can stand. Then add a flower arrangement with a slanted position in the middle of the net.

  1. Simple Vintage Style Aisle Decoration


So that your wedding aisle has a vintage impression, just add tile fabric on your wall. Expand upward with a high enough distance. Then so as not plain, give light from the orange light bulb.

  1. Simple Auction with Macrames


Creating a macrame pattern isn’t too difficult as long as you want to study it for one to two days. You can make macrame with a rope or rope on a metal or tree trunk. Also add a flower arrangement in the middle.

  1. Create a Pattern with a Parallel Light Connection


The impression of a modern aisle will be felt with this concept. You only need a connection iron or pvc pipe painted to black. Then, boat the pattern you want.

  1. Broken Doors You Can Use for Aisle Decoration, you know


You can use broken doors as a wedding decoration. So that the door is not heavy and not too dangerous, remove the glass found on the door. Then, surround the edge of the door with a series of green leaves.

  1. Use the Staircase as a Wedding Decoration


Use two stairs to replace the pole. Decorate it with tile fabric that matches your wedding dress. In addition, you can also place glass glass containers on the steps of the stairs.

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