Glamorous Party Makeup Inspirations from Bella Hadid

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This beautiful model has a stylish fashion style and glamorous style of makeup. Many of her makeup styles have become a trend, from bold eyeshadow to highlighter. The following are some of the glamorous makeup inspirations from Bella Hadid to go to the party.

  1. Highlighter game to balance a simple dress


Bella keeps her appearance sparkling by wearing a thick highlighter on the top of her face. Wear liquid highlighter with fine luster particles at the beginning of makeup, then stack with powder-shaped highlighter to get this style. So simple right!

  1. Luxurious wing shape eyeshadow


With the help of Hung Vanggo, the makeup artist commonly used by Hollywood celebrities, Bella appeared glamorous with wing-shaped eye makeup. Choose shimmer brown pencil liner so that the overall eye makeup becomes a beautiful unity. Pair with neat thin eyebrows and neutral brownish coral lips.

  1. Fun with festive eyeshadow colors


If you are not confident enough to dye all the petals with festive color eyeshadow like Bella, you can try using bold colored eyeshadow instead of eyeliner. To keep this makeup modern and fun, just add mascara to the eyes, without eyeliner and wear lipstick and blush with a bright hue.

  1. Contour techniques that make Bella’s face become more mature


Bella presents a contour game that emphasizes the shape of her face. This example of Bella’s makeup uses a powder-shaped contour kit under the cheekbones. This makeup looks relaxed because Bella’s hair style is curled big and tied in half.

  1. Classic paint liner


Bella looks beautiful with a wing liner or also called an elegant black paint liner in a video shoot. The rest of Bella’s face looks plain with flawless skin without any additional color, only soft pink lipstick. So classic!

  1. Show the illusion of thicker lips with lip liner


Choose the lip liner you want to use, and the shape of the lips follows the outer lip line. Next, fill it with matching matte lipstick. Choose matte lipstick because it is more pigmented and will cover the actual lip lines. So cool right!

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