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Blog_diy-projects-8-inspirasi-untuk-menyulap-sepatu-lama-jadi-lebih-gaya_825x355px copy

Smart DIY Inspirations to Recycle Your Old Shoes

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Do It Yourself (DIY) is indeed becoming a trend and lifestyle of modern society. Because in addition to honing creativity, this technique can also turn old items into new objects, even more unique. This time Viscawedding will discuss about DIY inspiration to turn your old plain shoes into shoes that look newer and make you look even cooler.

  1. Studded sneakers


– Prepare studded, sneakers, and glue (if necessary to really glue the studded). But usually studded is equipped with iron hook that can be affixed to the inside of the shoe.

– Apply the glue on the part you want to decorate with studded

– Attach the studded to the surface of the shoe that has been smeared with glue. You can stick it in the original or can also make certain shapes such as lines, stars and so on.

  1. Glittery gold high heels


– Prepare high heels, gold-colored glitter and glue

– Apply the surface of the shoe with glue

– Sprinkle glitter on the surface of the shoes that have been spread with glue evenly

– Allow a few minutes to dry

  1. Ombre sneakers


– Prepare clothes coloring as you wish, a small cloth, container for dipping shoes, moisturizing cream, and toothbrushes.

– Remove the shoe laces, apply a moisturizing cream on the soles of the front

– Dip the front of the shoe in water with mix color

– Blend the color from front to back, to form an ombre to your liking

– Leave it for 1-2 hours until the color is completely merges, then rinse with running water.

– Dry in the sun to dry shoes

  1. Paint shoes


– Prepare plain shoes, paint and paint brushes

– Draw patterns according to your wishes, can be round or abstract

– Wait for approximately 1 hour for the paint to dry completely

  1. Lace slip on


– Prepare shoes (can be flat shoes, slip on, etc.), brocade, glue and scissors

– Attach the brocade cloth to the surface of the shoe, scissors the part that crosses the top line of the shoe sole

– Glue the brocade cloth by applying glue to the edges

  1. Polkadot shoes


– First, make a small circle pattern on the entire surface of your shoes

– Color the pattern with a color marker. For a more colorful appearance, you can use more than 1 color

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