Two-pieces wedding dress ideas to create your own bridal style
Two-pieces wedding dress ideas to create your own bridal style

Two-Pieces Wedding Dress Ideas To Create Your Own Bridal Style

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Look beautiful on a wedding day is what any woman wishes. It doesn’t come true with little effort. One of the keys to look beautiful in that big day is the outfit. Two-pieces wedding dress might one of the most popular trends that will show your own bridal style. Here we have the ideas of two-pieces dresses that may inspire you. Scroll down!

Bohemian-inspired Wedding Dress

Bohemian-inspired wedding dress'


The gown in white color for winter and or fall day that will not just beautiful but also comfortable to wear. The skirt has a long lace fabric that keeps you elegant on your wedding day. The cropped one done in a sexy look.

A Slim Silhouette

A slim silhouette

A long dress that shows your curve is perfectly elegant for a wedding day. With silk fabric, it makes you look like a queen. The lace top with pattern and embroidery is awesome. For the one who loves elegant dresses, this wedding dress is for you.

Two-Piece Wedding Dress Grace


A wedding dress should reflect the soul of the bride. Most of us love to wear a white dress because it shows purity, love, and peace. Two-pieces wedding dress in white color is what you need for a sacral moment that may once in a lifetime.

With A Short Combo

With a short combo

Not everyone loves a long dress for the wedding. Some of them may love a short combo that will ease them to dance after the wedding ceremony. So, a short skirt and short sleeve top will work well for the one who loves simplicity.

Different Materials

Different materials

This tow-pieces wedding shows that we shouldn’t have to wear the same fabric. A silky dress that made of satin looks glamour. Then, it combined well with a lace top with embroidery that completes this wedding outfit.

With Beaton Skirt

With beaton skirt

If you love a simple dress for your wedding day, this Beaton skirt and a half sleeves may interest you. The focal interest comes from the Beaton skirt. Finish with flat shoes that will ease you to walk around the dance floor.

With A Statement Skirt

With a statement skirt

It has been clearly shown that the focal interest of this wedding outfit is the skirt. You will appear as beautiful as you wish like a princess. Even without any additional jewelry pieces, this skirt already makes a great statement.

With White Pants

With white pants

Of course, it doesn’t have to with a dress or skirt. You are free to wear pants for your wedding ceremony. This suit will make you look sexy.


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