Long sleeve wedding dresses for a slightly more traditional look
Long sleeve wedding dresses for a slightly more traditional look

Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses For A Slightly More Traditional Look

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There are various wedding dresses that can be chosen for your big day. However, you need to find the best one for you. Long sleeve dresses might be fit for your body curve. Those are elegant and charm. Moreover, you will appear like a queen. No matter the season, long sleeve wedding dresses are beautiful. Check our lists below to inspire you.

Lace Long Sleeve Crop Top

Lace long sleeve crop

This dress provides different sizes and shapes that will cheer you up. A lace long sleeve crop top to look sexy and charm on your big day. Combine with white flatforms or heels. Feel free to add more jewelry items.

Floral Embroidered Mesh Wedding Dress

Floral embroidered mesh wedding dress

Isn’t it what you like? A wedding dress with floral embroidered mesh that will make you like a princess. We love shoes ad flowers. Even, it works well with the hairstyle. Nothing to say except, this is a tremendous wedding dress.

Romantic Tulle Gowns

Romantic tulle gowns

This wonderful gown will keep you beautiful all day long. With sheer floral paneling, the gown is perfect for a wedding ceremony. We love the 3D embroidered flowers and hand pleated silk that truly awesome.

Preppy And Minimalist

Preppy and minimalist

For you who love a beautiful wedding dress that preppy and minimalist, this dress might fit your wish. Then, this dress has various shapes and sizes that work well for different bodies. So, what do you think about this?

Lattice Dress For Wedding

Lattice dress for wedding

Let us move from white dresses. This lattice dress in light beige color and generous lashings of embellishment will never make you upset. Look at the hairstyle that supports the beauty of this gown for a wedding.

With Needle & Thread

With Needle & Thread

This ruffled embellished tulle gown is made for the one who loves romantic yet glitzy things for her wedding. Wearing this gown will make you look elegant and charm. Just finish with white heels and pearls.

Gown With Faceted Stones

Gown with faceted stones

This gown is pretty elegant for the one who loves a glamour look but not too crowded. The faceted stones look like raindrops. With natural color, this gown will gain us to live like in heaven. What a wonderful gown is!

White Elegant Gown

White elegant gown

What about this gown? IF you have a plan to hold a wedding party at the beach, this gown is what you need. Combine with pearls or other jewelry items and finish with white shoes with sparkles.




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