Are you planning to have a wedding on summer? Summer wedding ideas have very wide and vast options. The great thing about a summer wedding is you can bank on the weather (mostly). Besides that, you also can make the most of the outdoor venues.

Your wedding invitation is your first impression to your guest. It also one of tentpoles in building the aesthetic of your event. You need to think about what best illustrates your look and feel when deciding what that first taste of your style with entail. Set the tone guests can expect when they arrive at your event, and nail down the wording so that it delivers all the information they’ll need.

Your wedding is not only for you. It is for your lovers, family, guests, and of course another important one, your bridesmaid. Your bridesmaid also need a special attention. As the special person in your life, they deserve a good dress to drop you off to your new life!

Choosing the wedding hairstyle is a big decision. Have you decide it yet? Frustrating on which hairstyle is the best for you? Let us gives you some advice, if you want a versatile hairstyle for your special day, consider to choose half up half down wedding hairstyle!

The first big decision you and your partner will make in regards to your wedding day is the wedding location. Choosing between holding the wedding or reception indoors or outdoors is a big part of creating your dream big day. If you are deciding to host a wedding in a warmer month, then an indoor wedding is the best one for you. The beauty and splendor of nature adds more to your wedding, making it extremely special.

Do you consider yourself a retro bride or just love the vintage trend? Do you plan to have a vintage style wedding? You have to make sure it’s totally transformed with timeless finishing touches. If you nail this theme then you can guarantee your wedding will look beautiful and timelessly chic.

Emmy London brand has become synonymous with luxury bridal accessories since 2004. It has an an exquisite array of bridal shoes featuring intricate details and a romantic color palette. It also has a unique blend of heritage and an uncompromising standard of fine craftsmanship. Brides around the world have fallen in love with Emmy London shoes.

Your wedding day is all about celebrating your love. Many couples adore those nuptials where it’s all about elegant touches and an intimate atmosphere. Of course your wedding ceremony will be romantic for you and your partner. But how do you take your guests along for the ride, and let them feel as wrapped up in your wedding as you?

Dreaming of wearing a ball gown wedding dress on your big day? The ball gown style is very popular in wedding dress nowadays. Ball gown wedding dresses offers a splendid, romantic and classic look. Ball gown type wedding dresses make you feel like a real fairy tale princess.