Have you ever heard about groom cake? Groom’s cake tradition actually dates back to the Victorian era. The single women would take home boxed slices and sleep with them under their pillows, wishing and hoping that they’d be the next to marry. And how about nowadays?

If you love vintage style, does not means that you are born in the wrong decade. Well actually, vintage style is never go wrong. The look is so glamour and timeless and perfect for everyone. If you are decided to have a vintage wedding hairstyle, then you are come into the right page.

The Japanese aesthetic culture is famous by their embodies of simplicity and elegance. Things are usually expressed in a simple and natural manner. That is why many people adoring their culture, and not to mention, the Japanese wedding. Japanese wedding is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful ceremony that you should consider if you are getting married!

Bridal showers are usually held about two months before the wedding. And it is traditionally given by the bridal party, along with the bride’s mother, sisters or close friends. But no matter who is ultimately in charge of hosting the shower, dividing duties and costs among all involved can help keep the host from getting overwhelmed and allows everyone a chance to contribute to the bride’s special day. And to make it more special and easier to host it, consider to choose a theme.

Your wedding is incomplete without a wedding decorations. No matter you decoration is, it can turn your wedding into something magical. Now, wedding decorations don’t come easy, they requires a lot of thought and deliberate preparation. But if you want a timeless wedding decoration that never go wrong, try rustic wedding decor!

As there are so many bridal hairstyles to choose from, wedding hairstyles can be really hard to decide. You need to think about what wedding hairstyle that suit your wedding dress and veil. Every bride has her own liking, preferences, individual hair texture and length. Luckily there are so many inspirations an African American women like you.

If you are not into the white wedding dress, then skip it! There are so many non-traditional wedding dress that you can choose. When choosing a wedding dress, opt for a style that’s really true to your personality. What’s most important on your wedding day is that you feel beautiful inside and out and that you’re comfortable with the formal wear you choose.

Give your soon-to-be husband a groom cake, and we believe he will love it! But before we’re going further about it, do you know what is groom cake? Groom cake is an England tradition that has a special meaning. The traditional wedding cake was considered too feminine for the groom and it was thought the groom should have a cake of his own, and voila, groom cake is born!

Summertime is all about warm weather, tasty food, and outdoor activities. And if you are planning a summer bridal shower, there are endless opportunities for celebratory themes guaranteed to surprise and delight your guests. From fiestas to luaus, these spring and summer bridal shower themes are anything but boring! Scroll down for some inspiration for a memorable theme.

You are getting married! You’ve found your groom and your dream wedding dress and also, picked your beautiful bridesmaids dresses, and now it’s time for choosing your groomsmen’s outfits. In this article, we’ll help you choosing the best suit for your groomsmen without stressing you out. Keep reading to know how to choose the right suit’s color for your groomsmen.