What’s more ladylike than hosting a tea party? Plan the ultimate feminine bridal shower by hosting a tea party celebration. Bridal shower tea parties are a very traditional, elegant and sophisticated way to celebrate a bride’s upcoming wedding. Keep reading if you decided to throw a charming celebration for your favorite bride-to-be and find some inspirations.

Choosing a groomsmen suit doesn’t have to be the first or most difficult part of your wedding planning process. And if you do it right, you won’t have to think about the groomsmen suit again until the best man has lost his tux shirt at the after party. We’ll show you how to make them look right without the drama. Keep scroll down to to make your shopping easier.

Hosting a beach-themed weddings are fantastic. Relaxed, calm and full of sunlight and sea breeze, beaches are romantic in any time of the day. But dressing up for a beach wedding may be a bit tricky. We’ve already told you of brides’ and bridesmaids’ attire, and now it’s time for the groomsmen.

Geek themed weddings are increasingly popular nowadays. Couples are straying from tradition and incorporating unique elements into their big day that truly express their interests. And one of the most popular ideas for couples wanting a unique wedding is a Star Wars wedding theme. And today, we wanted to share some of our personal favorite Star Wars themed cakes with you!

Outdoor weddings are extremely popular. And many outdoor settings can make a beautiful backdrop for your nuptials. And your outdoor wedding centerpieces are just as important as all of the other wedding details. It provide the perfect opportunity to enhance your venue space while incorporating your theme and style.

Spring is a time of welcome change and warmer weather. This season is arguably the most stunning of all, which is why so many brides and grooms are drawn to wedding dates in the season. Many beautiful flowers bloom in this season. No wonder that spring wedding centerpieces are particularly beautiful with the combination of those springtime’s colors and those lovely floral scents.

Bohemian wedding style need a perfect Bohemian wedding hairstyle. And in this article, we’ll give you some great selection for gorgeous Bohemian wedding hairstyles for any taste. Many bride love Bohemian wedding hairstyle because this style look touchable and trendy at the same time. Long, wavy tresses or your brunette curls topped off with a flower crown, you can find some of our favorite looks below!

Have you ever heard about groom cake? Groom’s cake tradition actually dates back to the Victorian era. The single women would take home boxed slices and sleep with them under their pillows, wishing and hoping that they’d be the next to marry. And how about nowadays?

If you love vintage style, does not means that you are born in the wrong decade. Well actually, vintage style is never go wrong. The look is so glamour and timeless and perfect for everyone. If you are decided to have a vintage wedding hairstyle, then you are come into the right page.